mentalswitch (mentalswitch) wrote in mercurymvc,

Directory restructure

I didn't post yesterday but I made some changes to how Mercury is laid out.  The best news is that I only really had to change a couple controller files.

Now I have a system that allows for a primary code repository on the server that exists independently of any client's folder.  Clients can leverage this code and if they ever want to leave i can just give them a copy of the code and their dedicated database.  This is great for portability.  To roll out a new site means ftping a base folder structure (with about 9k of files) to the new client and changing a couple of lines. The install footprint is very minimal :)

I can go from nothing to a new apache virtual running cms, users, forums and the whole works in five to ten minutes.  Obviously adding the creative and tweaking all of the CSS takes a little longer but for a functionality rollout that's pretty sweet.

Today I work on blogs
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