mentalswitch (mentalswitch) wrote in mercurymvc,

status update

I haven't done much on Mercury the past couple of days.  I haven't been slacking, just prepping the groundwork for progress.  On Saturday I met with a guy who is going to try to sell Mercury-based solutions for me and perhaps transition out of his other job.  I also spent a lot of this weekend training Cass in HTML and CSS. 

Pete got his new Linux VPS for Friends that Ride and we installed his Mercury alpha site.  With the advent of that site I wil be making a lot of improvements to Mercury in short order.  This is exciting.

I spent several hours today working on a site for a politician.  Along with FTR and the other site that hopefully goes live tomorrow that will make three sites running Mercury.  Not bad considering I only just started working on the engine in my spare time in late January. :)
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