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More progress!

After I finally got my local CentOS 5.2 install working last night I slept in.  We also upgraded an existing site to the newest version of the database and it went very smoothly.  The next time I'll use the migration path tools I have built in already :)

Today I was able to dial up a few things in Messaging and added the ability to request, approve and deny friends.

There are about seven days until the beta launch of Pete's new social network site on Mercury and I've got most of what he needs done.  Now, this doesn't mean that there isn't a lot to do.  I have to add some error-checking and tighten a few things up.  I need to work some on the default styles to make sure that things look nicer.  Eventually I need to add some jQuery or Prototype features to do more in-page rather than having to do page refreshes.  But I have a functioning product right now and that's exciting!

To date:

* forums
* security
* cms
* blog
* users
* profiles
* messaging
* friends
* javascript
* admin
* hooks

I need to add photo galleries and a basic shopping cart and I'll have most of my main tools.  Then to tighten it up.  Then banners, classifieds, some enhanced user profile stuff, payment gateways (probably built with the cart though) and a traffic monitoring system.

This is about 25 days since I created this community and about two months since I actually started work on Mercury in my spare time. Admittedly some of my recent days have been mostly Mercury but this is a lot of progress in that time :)
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