mentalswitch (mentalswitch) wrote in mercurymvc,

Good news!

So we launched another Mercury site today but I have two rounds of better news.  One is that I have taken over WebKit fully.  Mercury will move forward but as a WebKit product and not a Chick Interactive one.  The other is that I have just landed a project that will be a large Mercury-based social network.  Just dumb luck that it came to me but we're moving forward and Mercury will get a bunch of new features and testing and I don't have to worry about putting food on the table.

I'm thinking that I'm going to start a new blog running on Mercury itself to chronicle progress.  I may or may not keep this one going.

Today: added edit and delete on blog posts (necessary and finally built).  Cleaned up a few bugs I found on blog and forum links.  This is what testing is for!

Next up: more work on joining with hooks, photo galleries.
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