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I haven't posted lately about Mercury.  I've done a ton of work on it.  For starters, it's been the framework we've used on the major job i've been working on the past three months.  We've used a lot of core functionality and we've written a ton of custom stuff.  It's been awesome seeing custom presentation files fall into places, using the occasional custom function override and even using a few hooks. 

Everything I had planned for it to do it has done.

I've also spent some time today enabling groups along with public and private membership, per-group photo galleries and per-group forums.  We've chosen jQuery as our js library of choice and have done cool stuff with in-page updates, tabs and more.  to date i have admin, blog, cms, core (tons o stuff), forums, friends, groups, photos, javascript, messaging, profiles, security and users.

I don't know what I'm going to do with Mercury.  It's almost too good not to share somehow.  But sharing means a lot lot lot more unpaid work and I don't know if I have time or energy to lead something like that.  Right now I'm for sure going to use it for pesonal projects as well as the foundation for all new client projects.  But beyond that it's up in the air.
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