mentalswitch (mentalswitch) wrote in mercurymvc,

Today we are launching the beta site of, the first social network built on Mercury. 

This site features:

  • CMS
  • Blogs
  • Users
  • Profiles
  • Security
  • Forums
  • Friends
  • Comments
  • Messaging
  • Javascript
  • Hooks
  • Admin
  • Core helper functions

Today I did a lot of work and got a few little bumps ironed out.  I added a new interface to the most recent blog post and build the 'leave comments on user pages' feature.  Also found an interesting issue with the image uploads where it was choking trying to resize an image larger than 2060 pixels wide.  Not sure if was the pixel size (approx 3.2 megapixel) or something else.  Didn't fix it but I capped the upload limit at 2000 pixels wide.

There is nothing like a live site to accelerate some of the little UI elements.  For instance, much of my stuff so far has been in test mode and doesn't have any pagination.  We'll hit enough users after tonight's launch party that the demand will be there quickly for stuff like that.

It's a slick site and it will be a great portfolio piece!
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